Photo library trapped :(

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First of all, I'm not a very technical person but at least I try :)

I have a NAS326 since a couple of years. My MacBook Pro was to full so I decided to move my photolibrary (from the mac app photos) to it, and only use it while on the NAS. This solution worked fine, albeit a bit slowly. That's why I bought a new HDD drive to my mac. I thought it would be easy to just move the photo library back to the macbook pro. But it cannot be done... 

If I try to move it the normal way it starts copying and then after 10 min-30 min it says "error (code 100057)"
Moving it from the NAS to an external drive via USB won't work either. I've even bought an adapter trying to use the NAS disk as an external drive to the mac. The mac (or a PC borrowed from work) didn't even find the disk while using that.
Back in the NAS everything works as normal. I can open the library. 

Can you help me retrieve my beloved photos? 



  • Penny
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    Is there any screenshots or message about error (code 100057)?
    Maybe you can try to use FTP service to download your photo from NAS326 to your PC.
  • johansson
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    Haven't gotten any screenshot atm but i can get some. 

    I have been trying with FTP as well...since I don't know so much about FTP. I have some troubles with the FTP uploadr. Do you know how to use it? Can't get the remote path should be?
    I have been using FTPServer on my mac. in this case, shouldnt it just be /Users/Oscar?

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    You need to use FTP client to connect your NAS326 to upload/download files.
    FTP client such as FileZilla Client. (