Problem with adding a IPv4 static route

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Hi there,

I'm running into a weird problem with adding a simple IPv4 static route.

My Zyxel is connected VPN site-to-site to another network B. In network B there is another network C with IP range
Now I want to be able to reach from my Zyxel.

I tried adding a static route with destination ip subnet mask gateway ip router on network B ).

I always get the following error message:
CLI Number: 0
Warning Number: 48000
Warning Message: 'Static route adding failed'

It still shows up on the table but doesn't work. When I try to ping it gets redirected to my WAN interface.
Any suggestions?

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    Need to add policy route on both sides.
    EX: On site A, Source:Local Subnet(A,, Destination: Remote Subnet(B), Next Hop: VPN tunnel, Select the name of VPN rule
    On site B, Source:Local Subnet(B), Destination: Remote Subnet(A,, Next Hop: VPN tunnel, Select the name of VPN rule

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