NAS542 - After change RAID1 to RAID5 when i add a 3rd HDD content of RAID1 volume is erased?

gtdaniel Posts: 6  Freshman Member
I have a NAS542 with a RAID1 volume created on 2 hdd and i have the possibility when i add a 3rd hdd to change the raid type from RAID1 to RAID5... Problem is about content of volume... Will be preserved or will be erased and i have a RAID5 volume empty?

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  • KevinZE
    KevinZE Posts: 27  Freshman Member
    With your scenario, the new RAID 5 will keep your previous content.
    Just go for it, but it will take time for you to extend with 3rd HDD.

    However, If you don't have much data in the volume, I will recommend you to backup your data from the RAID1 and recreate a new RAID5. It can save more time.
  • gtdaniel
    gtdaniel Posts: 6  Freshman Member
    Thanks for anwser!
    I do not have a solution for backup almost 4 TB of data...

    I have a external 2TB drive and i copy the most important data and after that i try to change raid type... I hope works well...