WSR30 V1.00(ABMY.10)C0 update resulted in weak connection to the master Multy U

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Just updated the Multy U network I have to the latest firmware. However after the update the connection of the 2 Multy U to the primary Multy U is weak, whereas before the connection everything was running fine. The Multy U have not changed position.


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    The latest Multy App version 2.3.10 is released.
    Please update your Multy App on App Store or Play Store for the latest App version. 

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    Dear Sir,

    Do you mean the message on the Multy App that shows the second Multy has a weak signal?

    The weak signal message on Extender is based on the wifi signal strength between Root and Extender.
    However, the signal strength will be affected by the environment, such as signal interference.
    You can run the "Diagnose" on the Menu bar of Multy App. It will provide you the result of the actual throughput on the second node.
    If the throughput on the second node is what you expected, you should keep that location and ignore the message. 
    But you can also move the second Multy close to the First Multy, get better performance.

    Best Regards,
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    Hi Eric! Apologies for the late reply. Yes in the app it says that the nodes have weak connection. Both nodes were in the same place with good connection. 

    When I do the signal test it says that connection is ok but app most likely has a bug and does not update.

    I attach some photos

    Kind regards,

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    Found another post 4 days earlier than min with the same issue (bug) if latest firmware.

    Could you check that Eric?
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    Thanks for your information.
    I had looked into this problem. We found this problem on the Dashboard of Multy App.
    We had fix this issue on next App version(2.3.10), it will release before the end of May. 
    Sorry for any inconvenience. 
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