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wooste Posts: 4  Freshman Member
My NSA325V2 seems to have disc activity all the time, and the CPU is running 100% even when nothing is accessing the network. Is this normal? If not, how can I correct it? Otherwise the NAS appears to be working correctly.

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  • DiskRaider
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    Can only answer the first question, on my system no cpu usage when no activity, so it is not normal I think.
    Is there anything in the log? Maybe a disk with bad sectors that the NAS constantly is trying to handle? Are the leds on the NAS blinking?

  • wooste
    wooste Posts: 4  Freshman Member
    To DiskRaider: thank you for your reply. The LEDs on the NAS are blinking. The internal volume is reported as "healthy".. twonkyserver is using over 60% CPU, python over 30% and other processes using 1 or 2%. I don't see anything that looks unusual in the log. Anybody any ideas?
  • Dexter
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    You can disable the twonky server on your NAS, the CPU might drop.
  • wooste
    wooste Posts: 4  Freshman Member
    To Dexter: Thank you for your reply. I went to the Media Server screen and clicked on the grey icon "Enable Twonky Media Server" when I got the message "Disabling the media server removes the Home screen's music, photo, video and favorite icons." Since then the Status screen doesn't doesn't work properly (no info about CPU, Memory Usage, Volume Status or Active Sessions - only rotating rings). I've tried a reset (at the rear) but it didn't solve anything. Maybe I should read the 384 page User's Guide! Any suggestions?
  • Mijzelf
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    How long did you reset it? A full reset takes 20 seconds.
  • wooste
    wooste Posts: 4  Freshman Member
    To Mijzelf: Thanks for your reply. I'm not sure if I reset for the full 20 seconds, but I noticed that at least the admin password was reset. On switching on again - after a while - the status screen was now working, but it still showed 100% CPU usage. Making this up was cgi-jpegscale about 50% and twonkyserver and python most of the rest. This split varied all the time and often didn't add up to the total CPU usage. I checked the Twonky status and in progress was "Rescan Content Folders" and "Last Database Update". CPU usage is now a bit less than 100% and the hard discs seem to have quieten down a bit, so I hope the reset has improved the situation.

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