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Recently I bought a new smart tv so I turned the Twonky media server on Zyxel 325 to play movies directly from LG TV. Everything works fine until I want to access the windows network drives containing the movie files when windows shows the server is not accessible anymore and of course neither mapped network drives. There are some situations when Twonky is running and file sharing works, too but sooner or later server becomes unavailable. To browse the files on NAS I need to turn media server off and then turn it on to play the movies on TV.

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  • Teemo
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    I find related article on the forum, maybe you can refer to the solution in this article.
  • Andreee07
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    No, that's not the problem I have. Let me try to describe the situation different way. There are 2 states of my Zyxel325: Twonky Media server on or off.
    1. Media server turned off -> file sharing working OK
    2. Media server turned on ->
    - Twonky works perfectly fine and I can access the movie files from TV or computer (win10)
    - Files sharing is working OK only after fresh start of Twonky media server. After several computer restarts it just stops and network device Zyxel is not accessible anymore so I cannot upload/download anything via file sharing but I can access the files (only movies) via Zyxel media server - to download them or play them.

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    After several computer restarts it just stops

    You mean it's the client restart which triggers the problem? Can you try if it is still accessible by IP?

  • Andreee07
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    In my opinion it looks like Twonky is blocking somehow SMB protocol. Even I was right I do not know how to fix it. For example right now I cannot access \\ZYXEL. There are two HDDs/Volumes.
    If I click on Y: or on Z: I got this simple error message:

    and if I click on ZYXEL host I got this:

    But Twonky server is working ok.
    and I can also access Zyxel admin page
    and turn the twonky off to be able to access both Network volumes.

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