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Is it possible to configure WAN ports so that all traffic goes to primary WAN and if it is down all traffic goes to secondary WAN?

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    Hello @Januzki

    Apologies for the late reply!

    The NSG currently only supports an active-active type failover.
    Wherein the NSG uses both WAN interfaces to distribute traffic to the Internet when both WAN interfaces are up, while routing across a single interface should any of the other WAN interface goes down.

    But to answer your question,  I would like to invite you to post it in our Idea Section or let us do so. We will evaluate the feasibility and then get back to you.   

    Best regards,
    Barney Gregorio
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    This is a desperately needed feature since policy routing is also unavaiable.
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    But isn't an active-passive type fail-over solution obsolete if you already have an active-active type fail-over?
    It even looks like NSG has the option to set rate limits per WAN port.

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