Lost ability to identify hard drives in docking bay


I have a 2xNAS540, which I enjoy a lot. Where I live, we have recently went through some pretty serious weather with fluctuating electrical power. I have both NASs on an UPS to protect from surges and loss of power. For a period of time, we were with out any power and I shut down the NASs using the documented process. When power was finally restored, my oldest NAS, was turned on and will only identify the hard drive in the 3rd slot and of course lost my volume and data. I have tried various other drives (all good drives) in slots, 1, 2 and 4 and nothing is identified. I have tried a factory reset, and nada. 

The question is, has anyone experienced this and is their a solution. 

I await your comments. 


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  • workinto
    workinto Posts: 43  Freshman Member

    Are you able to see the Hard Disk status in Web GUI?
    Please make sure the Disk plugin correctly.
  • Sorry for the delay.

    I am not able any other drives but one  (#3 slot) in the Web GUI. All drive slots are loaded with working hard drives. Not sure what you mean by the Disk plugin? The drives are all seated correctly. 
  • workinto
    workinto Posts: 43  Freshman Member
    When the disk seated correctly, do you hear any sound of the disk on 1,2,4 when you started the NAS?
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