How to connect remotely to my NAS326 storage?

I have just setup my NAS326 and I cannot figure out how to access it remotely. I have done all the setup, but I haven't found any help on how to do this.
Can anyone help?

Thank you,

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    If you have router above the NAS, you can check DHCP table on the router and see which IP does NAS device get from the router.

    Or you can directly connect ethernet cable between NAS and laptop and try to access http:/ on the browser to access NAS.
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    Thank you for your reply, I am trying to access the drive via the internet from a computer in another location.
    The NAS is connected to  the internet being on my network so there has to be a way to access it either by a program or by its  ip.  
    I have done this before with other NAS systems so I know it is possible, I am looking for the settings that allow this.
    Thank you,
  • workinto
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    If you're not able to check the dhcp table on the router,you can try to do IP scan and check which IP address does the NAS get.

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    Hi Steven

    As I was new to this too, heres my solution, it may help you. You need to know your routers ip address - for example i am with BT which randomly provides a new address roughly each time I switch on my router - so it can be different on different days.  To get round this I use NO-ip ( - for a few quid a year I get several addresses (eg which will directly address my router from anywhere and which is updated every few minutes by a small piece of software on my PC.  Inside the router you'll need to set up an HTTP port forwarding rule, directing HTTP traffic to your NAS

    I hope this helps,

  • dqs7836
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    Hi Steven,

     If I read this correctly, you are trying to access your NAS from anywhere over the internet.  ZyXel have this covered by their myZyXelcloud app. Just follow the video guide on this community


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