LTE3301-PLUS Routing

My need is at least simple, but I am unable to configure my LTE3301-PLUS (reffered below as LTE3301), and/or DDWRT, to obtain the picture here below.

- IP LAN1 and IP LAN2 must be different
- LAN1 must access Internet, through firewall/NAT of the LTE3301.
- LAN2 must access Internet, via the route LANX, and through the LTE3301.
- LAN1 must access LAN2 via LANX, and vice-versa

Remarks :
I observe that it is possible to configure the port 4 of the LTE3301 as a WAN port.
I can do about the same with DDWRT

Questions :
  1. According to the capabilities of the LTE3301, which of both LANX option is easiest/possible :
    a) LANX is part of LAN1 ?
    b) LANX is part of LAN2 ?

  2. In both cases, or in the only one supported option, how must I configure my LTE3301 ?

  3. In both cases, or in the only one supported option, what must be the configuration principle of the other router (DDWRT), or best, the detailled config of the DDWRT ?
Hoping that I will receive an answer,
Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Charly, from your picture, assume LTE3301-PLUS just connect mobile network to access Internet for purpose, so no need to do anything on it and LANX is same IP range as LAN1. If you want LAN1 access to LAN2, you need configure on DDWRT that create rules(such as port forwarding) on DDWRT to allow LAN1 access LAN2 specific devices/services. Hope it will be helpful to you. 
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    Hi @Charly61

    Thanks for your network topology diagram. It really helps me as a fellow user to understand what you want to achieve.

    To add to what @Miaa wrote, I think that I agree that LANX will be the same IP subnet as LAN1.
          - I don't think that the LTE3301 can run different subnets, looking at the user guide at

    Then, to allow LAN1 to access LAN2, I think that you need to set-up some routing rules in DDWRT software on your Linksys device.
          - has some information on how to set-up some static routes in DDWRT, so that devices in LAN1 can route and access to devices in LAN2.

    You will probably need to set-up a static route in your LTE3301-Plus as well so that it knows that to get to LAN2 it has to go through the IP address of your Linksys running DDWRT.

    I hope that this is helpful.

    Kind regards,

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  • Charly61
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    Dears Miaa, Tony,
    Thanks for your answers.

    All is now working as I expected...
    ... and I did a step in my understanding .

    Still thanks,
    Kind Regards,

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