Combine NWA210AX with Multy X AC3000 in a house?

I bought a NWA210AX   for the ground floor.
Now i need a better coverage for the 1st floor (concrete+steel ceiling)

What is a good option?

1) Can I combine the NWA210AX   with a single AC300 Multi X?
    Are they using the designated backhaul?
2) Buy another NWA210AX  and connect it to a 2.5GB LAN 6a patchcable that
    is connected to the same switch as the gourd floor NWA210? 
    Isn't it a bit to much of a "over the top" to install a new AccessPoint
   that spans a new WLAN. I would probably not use many features in the first floor. 
    Can I configure it just to extend the one from the 0th floor?

3) Buy a repeater ( like AC1300-MU-MIMO-Dual-Band-Wireless-Range-Extender-WRE6606/)

Thank you very much for help and advice.

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  • Zyxel_Nathan
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    Hi Thomas,

    Thank you for the reply with your topology.
    About your questions:
    1. Why would it be a good plan to put the MultyX before the NWA?
    • It is because MultyX has more LAN port numbers than NWA210AX and you can easily extend your setup if needed, that’s why we suggest connecting the MultyX in the middle.

    2. Did you mean to connect the MultyX and the NWA with an eth cable?
    • Yes, we would suggest connecting the MultyX and the NWA with wired, because a wired network connection is generally more stable and faster than wireless connection.

    Besides, adding a 2nd NWA210AX is depending on your network coverage requirement (1st floor), here’s a schematic diagram, for your reference.


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  • Zyxel_Nathan
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    Hi @TomFrOs
    1.) If you want to combine the NWA210AX with Multy X, it's better to go through Ethernet cabling to extend the coverage, just be aware that the meshing mechanism can't be applied in certain combination.

    For 2.), If you plan to implement Wi-Fi from the 0th floor to the 1st floor, you may just configure the AP to extend the signal, and you don’t need to worry about signal overlapping because the AP supports DCS (Dynamic Channel Switching) which can help reducing and controlling the co-channel and adjacent-channel interference.
    If the coverage needs to pass through concrete or steel celling, then 3.) will "NOT" be a good choice since the WRE6606 is mainly a Wi-Fi repeater and the performance will drop a lot when the signal passing through the concrete/steel ceiling.

    Besides, in your network topology, is there any DHCP server (gateway)? Or will you use the Multy X as the DHCP server?

    If there’s DHCP server in your topology, you may connect like below, and configure Bridge mode in the Multy X so that NWA210AX can get IP address directly from the DHCP server.


  • TomFrOs
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    Hi Nathan,

    thanks for you help.

    Right now, my  setup is like this:

     DHCP+NAT+DNS+PF, 2Port Bridge Gateway  (OpenBSD)
     12port SWITCH
         ) ) wlan to all devices 

    all in one room on the ground floor.  I turned everyting off in the cable router except "modem" functionality. All Network stuff is done in the OpenBSD gateway.

    Why would it be a good plan to put the MultyX before the NWA?

    If I understand you correctly you mean use the MultX in the ground floor, configure it as brige and run a cable to the NWA in the first floor. Well but running a cable through the whole house is ... not a good thing (says my wife). Or did you  mean to configure it as a WLAN brindge without a physical cable between MultyX and NWA

    Again, thanks for your time, best regards

  • TomFrOs
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    Hi Nathan
    thanks for your reply.

    Right now my setup is

    Cable router
    2-Port Bridge, NAT/PF/DNS/DHCP (OpenBSD)

    I turned everything off in the cable router except for modem functionality.
    I can do whatever I want on the OpenBSD system.
    I use the NWA as a pure access point for all other devices in the house.
    Everything is put into one room on the ground floor, right now.

    Coverage in the 1st floor is quite bad. I dont want to run a cable up there!
    I want to stick to ZYXEL products, the NWA works quite solid and via POE (neat)
    What's the best way? I am willling to buy a 2nd NWA, but how would they 'talk to eachother'.

    In your answear, why would I put the MultyX before the NWA? And did you mean to connect the Multy and the NWA witha eth cable?

    Again,  thanks for the help. I am much better at system/server configruation than network engineering :-).

    Best regards, Thomas

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