NWA50AX LED alternating between green and blue


I've got a new NWA50AX installed in my house and the LED is alternating between green and blue in a secondly frequence and I can't find anything about it.
The LED status sheet linked in the FAQs does not cover the NWA50AX and the particular state.
The device seems to be working properly though...

Any help is appreciated.

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  • Zyxel_Richard
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    Hi all,

    Sorry for causing your confusing. After investigating in this issue, we've clarified the issue and trigger scenario, currently we're fixing it, and this LED issue would be fixed in the next official release (since there's no direct DoS impact to AP).

    If you want to ensure the LED working properly in the latest firmware, please follow the guidelines below:

    1. Disable "auto connect" on wireless devices, and reboot the AP
    2. Waiting AP completes booting up, and display the "light blue" LED (no clients connecting)
    3. Connect wireless clients to the AP, and see the LED turns to green
    4. Enable the "auto connect" function again, now AP's LED can work properly.

    The detail reason why the issue occurs is, there're clients connecting to AP when it hasn't completed the boot up process, which causes the error status to the LED. (That's why we disable the client's auto connection function until AP boots up and display correct LED)

    Best Regards,

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  • Greenlight
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    Can your device successfully only on Nebula?

    If other functions are normal, I'll try to reboot or even reset the AP, and see if the LED works well.
    (Maybe...just the LED process got interrupted when booting up)

  • Zyxel_Joslyn
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    Hi @tleclaire

    According to our definition, if the LED blinks amber and green for 1 second alternatively, it means the AP is rebooting or trying to connect to NCC again.

    User guide page 29.

    If the Wifi works fine in your environment, I think the reason why the LED blinks is that the AP tries to connect to NCC. Can you let me know if your AP is managed by NWA50AX?
    If yes, can you check whether the AP is online or not?

  • hfr_dk
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    Hi, I have the exact same issue with the same product. Almost 50 devices connected to 2 APs. Both APs shows blue most of the time, sometimes green, no logic at all. Everything works, just no logic to the LEDs which is kind of irritating. Both the latest firmware (no change to this behavior) and rebooted many times. Blue is supposed to mean “ready but no devices connected” see the linked manual page 29 under “Bright blue”. That is not the case though.
  • Greenlight
    Greenlight Posts: 57  Ally Member

    Did you try to press the reset button on AP and let it online on NCC again?

    Think you can try to this way, and see if the issue still remain the same... Just like what I experienced, sometimes when the LED error occurs, it can be solved by reset device.
  • hfr_dk
    hfr_dk Posts: 2
    @Zyxel_Richard when can we expect the next official release for NWA50AX which you referred to 2 months ago ?
  • Nebula_CSO
    Nebula_CSO Posts: 250  Zyxel Employee

    The next release will be launched on this September. If your AP is managed by Nebula, device will automatically upgrade itself after the new firmware is released for a while. If you want to upgrade the device firmware as soon as the new firmware released. You can operate it under the directory, [NCC > site-wide > configure > Firmware management] page.

    Best Regards,

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