Zyxel LTE3301-PLUS sim card Wifi internet not working.

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Hi I bought a Zyxel LTE3301-PLUS, and i have a sim card in it with unlimited internet.
I have connected my computer to the router with a Ethernet cable and it's working fine.
When i check my internet connection from the pc it has 120mb/s download and 28mb/s upload.

But when i check my internet connection from my cellphone that is connected via the routers wifi it has download 110mb/s and upload is 0mb/s.
So when i use the wifi from my cellphone  i can google and i have internet but the pages don't work properly and neither does my apps. Like when i want to watch netflix from the application on my cellphone i can enter netflix but when i am about to search and go into Netflix it only loads.

I appreciate any help i can get, thanks.

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  • Hey!

    I just set up the same router today and I am experiencing the same problem. It seems to work fine on my girlfriends and my PCs, but on our phones and the FireTV stick we can not use most of the apps/sites. Did you have any success in troubleshooting?
  • I tried a few other settings today and I can't really say which point exactly fixed the problem, because I tried multiple things at once but these are the things that I now have different from the default settings:
    • I completely deactivated UPnP in "Home Networking -> UPnP"
    • I used static DNS Servers in "Home Networking -> LAN Setup"
    What I also did, but did not seem to be related to the issue is deactivating the firewalls and reduce the firewall level to low in "Security -> Firewall -> General", but after everything worked I reactivated the firewalls and set the level to medium again and everything was still working. So it may be worth to try this, but it might not be necessary.

    After looking through the settings thoroughly again I noticed, that I also deactivated DoS Protection Blocking in "Security -> Firewall -> Dos". This might have been the culprit all along, because I tried reactivating it and the internet did not work anymore. After deactivating it again everything went fine. So try deactivation DoS protection first.

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