NWA55AXE Bridge + AP

Hello, we are using a nwa55axe as AP for our garden. As we need to bridge the lan to another building the idea was to get another nea55axe and use the bridge mode for this. 
Question for me is if the bridge mode from one nwa55axe to the other will exclude to use it as AP in parallel?


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    Hi @MonsterD ,


    Thank you for raising question here,

    our NWA55AX support smart mesh and wireless bridge. 

    Please refer this post to configure your smart mesh and wireless bridge setting.


    Go to Help> Device function table can find more information. 

    if you have further question, please feel free to reply us.

    Thank you.



  • Hello,
    thank your for your reply and the link to further information on howto setup the devices for a bridge mode.

    As mentioned there I enabled the Mash and bridge mode and after a reboot of the 2 NWA55AXE devices the AP overview shows the 2 connected APs (full green antenna and green outlined antenna).

    The bridge AP is now connected to a POE switch Zyxel 1900 with fix LAN-cable connected PC.

    The problem is now, that my connected PC on the far side does not get an IP via the bridge from the router.

    Please find below the setting I am looking for. (IP-Adresses from same range 192.168.0.xxx)

    please advice me on how to solve this.
    Thank you and regards
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    Hi @MonsterD ,

    we suggest the first step is to check the signal of wireless bridge,
    because your PC need to get the IP by pass through wireless bridge.

    second step,  we want to check your setting, may you enable zyxel support for us to visit.
    and you may tell us for organization/ site name through message. 

    Thank you.