Configuring SSID Not To Spill Outside A Room

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I have this request to have the SSID to not spill outside a certain area.
May I know how do I implement this request?
My AP is managed by the NCC.

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    Hi @businessuer


    Although we can’t control the signal passing in the air such as a dedicate distance or directions. You can adjust each AP’s power to the proper value to achieve your goal.


    The setting is in the Access point > Configure > Radio settings page.

    [NEBULA] How to fine tune the deployment with configuration radio settings?

    Ensure the signal is at least -65dBm in the corner of the room or user may feel wireless performance not well. With walls, the signal will be attenuated outside of the room.


    We hope the power setting can help you.

    Welcome to sharing your application idea.

    Thank you