NSG200 nebula, vpn client gives p1 algorithm mismatch

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Our customer has several nsg200s.
the firewall is connected to each other via vpn. Then there is also a separate remote access vpn,  which can be used to connect to different offices from the outside. At one location, the vpn client gives a p1 algorithm mismatch error. in the firewall log you can find [SA] : Tunnel [Client_VPN] Phase 1 proposal mismatch. The firewall is not behind the nat. Otherwise, the settings are the same as in other offices, excluding of course the ip settings and the user.

Does the firewall now for some reason have different algorithm settings than other firewalls?
How i fix this

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    if i enable x-auth fron client (this must be enablet or it's not workin) then client gives p1 algorithm mismatch

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