NR7101 How to connect & configure via ethernet over LAN?

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I want to configure my NR7101 via ethernet connected to 'main router' from a  desktop PC connected to the same 'main router'.

When I connect the NR7101 to a PoE Switch or my main router with of course there is a clash because the NR7101 is  by default. 

So I connected my phone to the NR7101 via its management Wifi, then changed NR7101 to, set DHCP to relay mode and turned off the IP4 firewall. 

Then if I connect the NR7101 ethernet cable into my PC like this I reach it from the PC:

PC[]--->PoE Injector "LAN"
PoE Injector "PoE"--->NR7101[]

But if I connect like this I cannot reach the NR7101:

PC[]--->Existing router[] port 2
Existing router[]port 3--->PoE Injector "LAN"
PoE Injector "PoE"--->NR7101[]

Both PC and device are on the same subnet.  Firewall off on both the existing router and NR7101.  The existing router does not see/list the NR7101 as connected.

How can I connect & configure via ethernet over LAN?

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