How do I automatically sync my NAS326 to Google Drive?

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How do I automatically sync my NAS326 to Google Drive?


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    You should install the Google Drive package from NAS326 APP center first and then you will see the icon at GUI page and click the icon and add to sync folder to your Google account.

    Through the initial steps, you will get a code from Google, then copy the code and paste to NAS326's text box and click apply to finish.

    And please remember to enable GoogleDriveClient.

  • Hi,

    i am trying to connect folder on my Stora NAS326 with Google drive, but when try to get authorization code, i get error from Google. Is GoogleDriveClient app still active?

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    Hi @Bubenduben,

     Sorry for the inconvenience. We're working on this issue.
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    I also got this problem.
  • Hello,
    How long do we have to wait for the solution of this problem?

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    Currently google drive not allowing due to security issues. but I used dropbox and google drive auto sync before (may be 2 years ago) and did not found it very beneficial. It stops uploading somehow.

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    I think the issue is still unresolved. While I used to use the auto sync feature it appears the function may take such a long time to upload/download larger files. Therefore, I prefer to manually upload/download these files to the server instead of using the feature.

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    I have NAS326, i have download app from NAS interface "GoogleDriveClient" 0.5.0zypkg006

    When i want to login google drive with my account (same as this mail [email protected]), i get this error message.

    "Access denied: The request sent by Zyxel Cloud Sync is invalid"

    I think the app is outdated. What can i do to sync my files in nas to Cloud server?

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