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I set up a new NAS326 with a 12TB drive in a RAID single volume. I'm trying to use it as a File History and Restore destination. I set up a folder under /admin and assigned it as J: in Windows 11 File Explorer. I selected the J: network drive to use for File History and files began to be copied. After several days the initial backup has not yet completed. I can access the drive through the browser interface and can see files that have been copied to the NAS326. When I lauch Windows File Explorer, before I can even select Network and the drive letter, File Explorer becomes non-responsive. I've run SMC to look for Windows problems and no problems are reported. I've killed and relaunched File Explorer and have rebooted, but it hangs every time. I can still get to the NAS326 through the browser but not File Explorer. Can you help?

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  • okimarukas
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    Do you ever try to map the disk to other drive or try to map with other folder?

    Does the issue still the same?

  • Tom_Jeanette

    Yes, I tried mapping to other drives. Created new folders on the NAS, also.

  • Mijzelf
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    When you try to access the files from the (Windows) command prompt, does it work?

    cd J:

    dir /S

    Does the file explorer not hang when you remove the network cable before opening?

  • Tom_Jeanette

    I need more immediate tech support and this community-based chat is not what I expected.

    I wiped out the NAS326 and will use it for something else besides File History.

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