[NEBULA] Registered devices cannot show up

GoodDay Posts: 12  Freshman Member
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Hi There
I got two nebula devices that have been registered in NCC successfully but their status cannot reveal :s
Any advice will be highly appreciated


  • SYK
    SYK Posts: 32  Freshman Member

    Did you click "Add-to" button?? Devices are needed adding to a site^^b
  • SYK
    SYK Posts: 32  Freshman Member
    You click check box of your device, "Add to button" is shown up on upper left !
  • GoodDay
    GoodDay Posts: 12  Freshman Member
    oops, I forgot to add registered devices to a site. They can show on NCC now. Thanks for your reply !!
  • Nebula_CSO
    Nebula_CSO Posts: 242  Zyxel Employee
    Hi YK_Japan.
    Thanks for your quick response and favor.

    Nebula devices are required to add to a site prior to display. Afterwards, all of the info in devices will populate on NCC :)

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