NR7102 no signal 5g

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I just installed the device but it does not detect signal 5g
However, when I test with a mobile phone(iphone 13 pro), it detects signal 5g
Why is this happening?
Does it not support any frequency?
The use is in Greece and the provider is cosmote

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    I know it is an old post but maybe this will help

    I tried NR7102 2 Weeks with Cosmote and i am 3 weeks with Vodafone

    I found out that Cosmote makes every phone to indicate 5G even when it is actually not
    Plece the SIM in a android phone and use the Cell Monster app to find out what is really available

  • harrietteortega

    @ geometry dash lite: Hello, as I know, the Zyxel device may have different antenna capabilities or signal reception sensitivity compared to your iPhone 13 Pro. It's possible that the device's antenna is not as efficient at capturing 5G signals, or the signal strength in the area where the device is installed is too weak. I think you should consider the placement and positioning of the Zyxel device to optimize signal reception.

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