Implementing VLAN and MTU Configuration in Outdoor mobile router's Cellular WAN Settings

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In response to the requirements highlighted by user @bluechris , we propose the addition of a feature enabling the configuration of VLAN and MTU settings in the Outdoor MR’s Cellular WAN interface, such as NR7101 and FWA710.

This suggestion originated from the discussion found here: Nebula FWA710 vlan missing — Zyxel Community

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  • bluechris

    Thank you for this.

    What i want to ask is what maked Zyxel to have this features in indoor routers and not in outdoor ones?

    I had expressed my feelings for this features in the previous discussion there is nothing more to add i think :)

    Merry Christmass to all btw.

  • Zyxel_Judy
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    Hello Chris,

    Thank you for your query regarding the feature differences between our mobile routers. These variations are not due to any specific reason; rather, they are adjusted to meet the diverse needs of different projects and customers. We value the customer's input and are constantly evaluating features.

    Stay updated with the latest enhancements and new features by following our official website and community forums.

    Wishing you a Happy New Year!

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  • ApanCure

    The addition of the aforementioned features should add up value for users of external 5G routers made by Zyxel. You have great products already, missing some basic configuration utilities for above-the-average users is a no-go. Please fix this.

  • malakudi
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    VLAN can be configured just fine in LTE7480-M804. I have it working. What is missing?

    MTU setting should always be available, it is weird that it is not exposed in web interface.

  • Borg74

    Being able to configure vlan's and mtu will be an addition that will make the product complete. Also will add to the product being purchased by more "experienced users". It is strange that these settings are configurable in other zyxel 5g models and not in the outdoor 5g models. Please include this features in future firmware release.

  • Chris_itmngr
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    @bluechris described perfectly how the WAN menu should be.

    When someone understands clearly why an external 5G router cannot be compared with an indoor one, the first thing that wants is a stable connection with the best possible signal and the second one is a menu with which you can take advantage of what a mobile operator can give.

    So, in other words, if Mikrotik had an Outdoor 5G router, no serious user would buy an outdoor 5G router that cannot handle multiple APNs on separate VLANs.

    If you don't take the suggestion seriously, it's only a matter of time before your outdoor router sales get buried.

    I own many 7101, 7102 and FWA710 and the only reason is that i'm hopping that you will do the right thing with VLANs.

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