NSA325v2 unavailable firmware files (481AALS1C0.bin)



I found an old NSA325v2 which is EOL according to ZyXEL. However, the FTP site is still online, just all the file for this model are removed, even though the EOL post specifies that files would stay:


"You can also find resources like firmware for the NSA devices in our Zyxel Download Library."

My NAS notifies me of a firmware update, but downloading it just fails.

I know it is a cheap consumer NAS, but as a tech enthusiast, I do not like to throw away something working.

I see the reason for not providing tech support, updates or even security fixes anymore, but I don't see any reason for removing a 47.86 MBytes download (or the package repository) when the FTP site is still online and organizd the same way - this is for me planned obsolescense.

AXIS (IP camera) does a similiar thing (removing access to old downloads on EOL date) - and this is the reason why we are not buying AXIS cameras, even when we would be willing to pay the premium over HikVision or other vendors.

Does anyone have the latest firmware for this model?

I searched everywhere, including on Archive.org - but nothing.


This file I am looking for: 481AALS1C0.bin


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