2xNWA55AXE wifi bridge weak signal

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when connecting 2 points, one of the points connected by a wireless bridge glows white-orange, whatever I did, connected other antennas, still an alert.  and every day the connection goes down at or around 3:14 am, even though the automatic reboot has been disabled.  Can anyone help me figure out the situation and what to do....

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    Hi @alchemist

    To optimize the signal strength of your AP, consider redeploying its placement. For more detailed guidance on this, you can refer to this article:

    Regarding the white-orange light you mentioned, as the NWA55AXE doesn’t have LED lights, I'd like to understand more about what you're observing. Could you please provide further details or even a screenshot/video to help us better identify the issue?

    The possible reason for your connection dropping around 3:14 am could be the default DCS (Dynamic Channel Selection) schedule configuration on your access point. By default, the DCS schedule is set to switch channels at 3 am.

    To address this, check if your DCS schedule is indeed configured for that time. If so, consider reconfiguring it for a less busy time, such as late at night when Wi-Fi usage is generally lower. By adjusting the DCS schedule, you can avoid disruptions during critical hours.

    Additionally, you may want to enable the "DCS client aware" feature, which allows the AP to wait until all connected clients have disconnected before switching channels.

    To make these adjustments, you can access the settings through Nebula CC > Site-wide > Configure > Access points > Radio settings > DCS setting.

    If the issue persists after these adjustments, please help to enable Zyxel Support and provide us with your organization/site name so we can investigate directly.


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    Thanks! while I turned off the DCS schedule, see how it works with him without it! I have a closed village, there are no other sources of radio signals, so I think in general I do not need this option. Thanks again!