Zyxel NR5103Ev2 5G Hub

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I cannot connect my older Printer to this hub Zyxel NR5103Ev2 5G Hub (three network).

The Printer is seeing the router but will not accept the password (which IS correct).

I have tried connecting via WSP still nothing printer displays 'failed to connect printer general error W51 or W52.

It has the utility to connect via pin to the router but no facility on the router to do that.

the report states poor signal?

although the router is next to the printer. I have removed the connections of the routers around my house i.e. next doors although the printer sees them, they no longer display connect on my computer.

The printer drivers have been updated (Epson Stylus sx420w)

I wondered because it is old (2011) that it needs a2.4ghz connection?

the printer will connect to all of the other Broadband routers I have had, and still connects to my other broadband supplied by NOW tv, which is still accessible until my contract is out although is now unplugged, I have tested the printer with the other BB and works perfectly…

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    Do you know what error code W51 or W52 is about?

    For the Password, you can try not to set the PW for the WiFi first to check whether is it the issue of encryption.

    And the signal of NR5103Ev2, did you have the same issue (poor signal) using other device connect to NR5103Ev2? Or only the printer?

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