NR5103EV2 settings to get Vonage VOIP adapter to fully work?


The adapter is a Grandstream HT801 adapted to Vonage. It is working apart from making outgoing calls. The same adapter works with fibre broadband provided by both Sky and Virgin with their standard settings. Any ideas gratefully received.

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  • Internetheavyuser
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    What is the situation when you make the outgoing call?

    No internet connection? No able to dial? voice break when you making the call?

    what is your setting on Grandstream HT801?

  • BobFl
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    There is dial tone from the HT801 which is removed as the number is dialled but there is no connection. For example, dialling 1471 doesn't even reach the Vonage servers according to their monitoring. Incoming calls work correctly however. The HT801 is locked by Vonage and I can only view the basic settings and cannot change anything. The HT801 works correctly when connected to Sky or Virgin broadband. I am using a Three mobile sim.

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