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Hi - I’ve a question regarding a subnet. My NR5101 is connected to a 2nd Router via LAN Kabel. That 2nd router has a 2nd nic to a 2nd subnet.

According to the documentation I should enable the routing towards that 2nd gateway by simple adding a rule like this : /

Gateway: (2nd router that knows the 100’ subnet und is connected and in the same subnet as the Zyxel.
The Zyxel UI tells me: wrong ip. Which refers to the “0” I can only add a dedicated IP and not a whole subnet.

So how to set the gateway for a whole subnet?

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    Can you screen shot the Wrong IP error message?

    To set the subnet for NR5101 you can set mask
    Then 2ng router will get the IP on 192.168.1.X and your 2nd router is and mask
    Where did you set /

    0 is not the IP, you can only set for 2nd router's subnet.

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    aHello @Tobi82 ,

    I think that you need to give your 2nd router 2 IP addresses.

    One on the 192.168.1.x subnet connected to your NR5101, e.g with a subnet mask.

    Then on your 2nd router's 2nd Nic, give it an IP address such as with a 255 255 255.0 subnet mask.

    If you use these example IP addresses then you would then need to add a static route with subnet mask next hop

    I will need to look at the manual to find where in the NR5101 UI to set this route up, but see below:




    I think that you can set-up a static route in your LAN side as shown in the 2nd and 3rd extracts above, so that you could tell your NR5101 how to get back to your 192.168.100.x network via your 2nd router.

    * by following the example in the user guide.

    I hope that this is helpful.

    Kind regards Tony

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