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so I have the 7102 installed on the roof, very close to antenna. Technically the speedtest shows 400 mbps download, but first crashes start when it tests for upload, it gets stuck at a randomly fixed rate.

When using the internet through it - its slow, keeps crashing, and the internet disappears on the network every minute or so.

This is what I tried:

  • rebooting
  • resetting to defaults
  • different Sims (different providers)
  • disabling / enabling DHCP
  • disabling the power saving
  • setting daily reboots
  • changing cables

nothing seems to to work!

Thanks in advance for help!

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  • Bob_C
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    Hi kosmojacob,

    Please contact Zyxel's support team for support resources.

    You may have to describe the background and the device's symptom with more details, for example,

    (1) the firmware version (router, radio module),

    (2) when did the issue appear, from day 1 when you install the unit?

    (3) which provider's SIM card did you test?

    (4) screenshot to show signal level (refer to main page -> Cellular Info -> click ">" to open the full page and take screenshot for the whole page)

    Thank you.



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    Is it a new unit?

    I have read about a similar problem and then the PoE Injector was broken.

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