Did anyone find the ZON utility to be not responding sometimes?

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I installed the ZON software on a new laptop, but it seems to be not sending some configs to the switch everytime, I restart the program and sometimes the config is done but sometimes do not.
for instance I tried lighting locator led,  sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.
is anyone know how to fix this? It did not happen on my other pc. 


  • Zyxel_Derrick
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    Hi @ocean77
    I assume your OS is Win 10, am I right?
    If yes, we have found that Win10pcap will cause some issues working with ZON.
    Therefore, the feature of lighting locator led is unable to work.
    We have a workaround:
    1. Remove win10pcap
    2. Install npcap
    3. While installing, select "Install Npcap in Winpcap API-compatible Mode" as shown below

    Please follow the steps and try again to check the issue still exist or not

    Best regards,

  • Bronco
    Bronco Posts: 14  Freshman Member
    thank you @Zyxel_Derrick

    yes my environment is windows10 ,  after installing npcap it works smoothly now.