Hi all.
I have a major problem I hope you can help me with.
In my NAS I have 4 harddrives (2TB, 3TB, 10TB and 12TB). All in Raid BASIC.
For some reasend all my files was saved on the 12TB drive and nothing on the others.
Now I have changed the 3 empty drives to JBOD and they apear now as one drive on 15TB.
My question are: How do I change the drive with all the files to JBOD without loosing the files.
I have tryid to connect it to my computer but Windows don't see it.
I also tryid to connect it as externel drive without any luck.

Anyone who can help a noop. :)

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    Looks like you misconfigured your volumes. I assume you enabled your NAS's SSH.

    First  SSH to your NAS and find /i-data/ path. Execute ls and find your volume names, then execute this command to move content first

    mv /i-data/sysvol/* /i-data/targetVolumeID/

    After that remove the hard drive with the files and create your volume again. But this time create RAID5 with 3 drives (12TB, 10TB and 3TB). Using basic raid or JBOD is not a good idea.

    Move the files back again to your RAID volume

    mv /i-data/previousVolumeID/* /i-data/sysvol/

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  • Sieben
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    Sapphire23. Thank's for your answer, but I got it yesterday. After I had been fidling with the 3 small drives, I found where I could add the files from the large drive so that I could see them in Windows. So now I'm copying the files to the small drives. After that I will format the big drive into (against your warning ;)) JBOD.

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