Migrating raid1 HDDs from broken NSA-device to NAS326

Hello there,

I'm stuck in my tries to migrate two raid1 HDDs from an old NSA-device to a brand new NAS326.

I installed only one of the old HDDs into the new NAS. I'm asked to format/create a new volume and the new device doesn't recognize the old layout/volumes/files.

I've read that some people seem to have had success with copying data from the old HDD to the new one. My problem is that the old device is broken and cannot be accessed anymore. This is why I have the HDDs only accessible without their device. Do you think/know if it'd work to mount one HDD of the old device in Linux (file system is recognized by ubuntu as "linux-swap" - noticed when backing up the data partition with "gparted") and then copy the files to the newly created volume on the NAS326? - I'd have to format one of the HDDs and wouldn't risk them if there is no reasonable chance of success...

If this is no good idea - what would be your advice? Since there is no further external backup I have only one try...

I hope to be clear. If not, just ask.

Thanks for your help!



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    The data volume is on partition 2, and is default Linux software raid. So any Linux system should be able to assemble the array (degraded, if only 1 disk is available), including the NAS326. At the end of this thread is suggested that the array is already assembled, yet not mounted.
    If you enable the ssh server you can check that yourself:

    cat /proc/mdstat

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