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Im trying to setup a guest network with NWA50AX, but when i scan for wifi networks, it doesn't show the guest network. Im able to see the normal zyxel SSID. If i disable the guest network option, then i can see SSID again. Please advise me.

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    Hi @Gex ,


    Thank you for raising questions.

    Because NWA50AX and NWA55AX are designed for small business,

    they don’t support Guest network.

    The function table can be found in Nebula: Help>Device function table>SB Access point


    Hope this information helps.




  • Gex
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    Thank you
  • Hello!

    I just want to report that the following symptom was resolved by disabling “Guest Network”. It would have taken me a lot off effort to come to the conclusion by reading the documentation, so including it here for others to find.

    “I installed 3 new NWA50AX APs (using the Nebula App) to our existing WiFi-network (consisting of NWA210AX APs) yesterday. Everything went really well, and the new APs appeared in Nebula CC as operational. Later next day, I saw that 0 clients had connected to any of the new APs, and when I had a look at the APs, all three of them have a slow green blink (Slow Blinking (On for 1 second, Off for 1 second). According to the manual this means: “The wireless module of the Zyxel Device is disabled or fails, the Zyxel Device is using default wireless settings, or the Zyxel Device is configured to be managed by NCC but is not yet registered with the NCC”.

    Since there is no default wireless network on any of the APs, I assume the problem has to do with “the Zyxel Device is configured to be managed by NCC but is not yet registered with the NCC”…

    So what do I need to do to fix this? Thanks in advance!”

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    Hi @Andreas_N ,


    Welcome to Zyxel community.

    If we set up some configuration that small business AP (NWA50AX) doesn’t support, then AP won’t broadcast the SSID.

    We plan to enhance the warning message on applying the unsupported configuration on small business APs, and this enhancement will be released soon.

    We would suggest you to use “tag” to separate the SSID for NWA50AX and NWA210.


    Thank you for sharing your usage scenario, and we’re sorry for any trouble caused.

    Hope the above information helps and wish you a nice day.



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