What are the most anticipated features on Nebula for 2022? Find out now!

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Thank you for your support of filling out the second round of Nebula questionnaire last month. We’ve recently announced the 30 lucky winners to receive the grand prize – a 1-year Nebula Pro Pack license! If you haven’t read about this, please click here to find out if you are one of the lucky winners

Same as the first round of questionnaire, we would like to share some interesting results with our Nebula community this time as well. They are, as below:

Which feature/enhancement are you most looking forward to with Nebula in 2022?

-       Most Anticipated Features of Nebula Control Center

  • More MSP feature enhancements to improve MSP user experience: (52.68%)
  • Firewall will automate the license fulfillment after purchase and payment: (36.61%)

-   Most Anticipated Features of Security Appliance

  • Client Insight providing enhanced visibility and granular control of all connected clients: (71.43%)

  • SD-WAN optimizing network/application performance across distributed networks: (21.43%)

-       Most Anticipated Features of Switch

  • Support for IP source guard (DHCP snooping, ARP inspection): (46.43%)

  • Support for physical stacking: (27.68%)

  • Support for 802.1X dynamic VLAN (VLAN assigned by radius server): (21.43%) 

-       Most Anticipated Features of Access Point

  • Connect and protect (provide trustworthy smooth WiFi connection): (34.82%)

  • Wireless health enhancement (improve user experience): (30.36%)

  • Client Journey (diagnostic user connection issue): (20.54%)

  • DPPSK onboarding enhancement (provide the guest portal for self service): (9.82%)

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