NAS-542 - Strange display of volume usage of volume 4

Within my NAS-542 I have 2 Discs with standard 4 TB capacity, each is split into 2 volumes with 1.92 and 1.66 TB.

Installation works fine, all 4 volumes with ext4 and all 4 volumes opened for everybody as a simple local fileserver.

While the display of volume 1 to 3 show the real usage (compared to my Windows XP and WIN 10 display), the volume 4 shows a tiny usage of 196 Megabyte, however my Windows explorer shows the real usage of more than 1.2 Terabyte of the 1.66 capacity and that is true. I did check it several times.

What is wrong with the firmware of the 542 ?. Why ist the display of volume 4 faulty ?


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  • Dexter
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    Do you create the folder under the same volume(volume2)?
    Maybe you map the same sharefolder on windows.

    Or you can backup all the file and recreate the disk group again.
  • dernachtwerker
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    Hi Dexter,
    I did create the 4 volumes very carefully, with the experience of my NSA320. Because these 4 are running for years and very relyable. I did create all 4 Volumes step by step and did adress 4 different names. All 4 volumes are working fine (within the Windows environment). The display only is strange. I will backup all volumes and recreate it, but I need one night for copying. But for now, the production server must be available day and night in my editors office. I have 3 more NAS-540 test-servers. The link onto my experience web-pages will follow shortly. Many new infos are found.
    I will report, how there is or was a solution.
    thank you
    thenightworker - Gert

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