[Nebula] How to generate Nebula QR code for device register via Nebula App

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When you meet one of the below problems, please refer this post.

> Unregister your AP from Nebula cloud mode, move your AP from one organization to another organization (two organization belong to different users.)

> Can't find the Nebula QR code on the AP/box.

We suggest you use adapter for AP power supply,

isolate this AP without network,

press reset button on the AP about 10 seconds until LED light changes.

When you find AP broadcast default SSID Zyxel_XXXX, 

(XXXX is the last 4 charater of this AP.)

You may connect your computer to the default SSID, (Or you may use cable connect to AP LAN port) and use ZON to scan the zyxel devices in the same network.


For more ZON introduction, please refer:



when you find the AP on the ZON list, you may select this AP and click the Web GUI.

The default password of AP is admin/1234.


If you want to add this AP in another new organization, you may use Nebula APP to scan the QR code in the welcome page.



The default IP of AP is

If your AP isn’t isolate in the network, it might get IP from the gateway/firewall DHCP server. Use ZON to check the IP of AP or you may check on gateway/firewall DHCP table.


If you can’t reach, that might because your computer doesn’t get IP correct, you may go to Network connection.

Right click on the ethernet icon and choose "properties",

select internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click "properties',

Assign your computer IP same subnet with the AP
IP of AP:
IP of computer: /24)