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I have 2 NAS540. All drives in each NAS are configured as basic volumes, 1 volume per drive, 1 share per volume.
To rationalise storage, I had to move 1 drive from 1 NAS540 to the other. However, now I have 2 times 'Volume2' in the same NAS. It appears to be working fine however.
I have 2 questions now:
* is it problematic to have 2 volumes with the same name? Is there a risk that something gets confused and I lose data?
* can I rename a volume? I don't mind using telnet, but I would need some clear instructions to succeed nevertheless.


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    I'm a bit surprised that everything seems to work. AFAIK the shares are defined within their volume by name, so I'd expect one volume to be 'hidden'.

    The volume names are stored within the filesystem, in /.system/name_label. The filesystems are mounted in /i-data/<some-hex-code>/

    So to change a volume name, pull the disk which has to keep it's volume name, then login over telnet or ssh as root (admin password), run
    ls /i-data/
    which will show you the mountpoints of the remaining filesystems. (There is also a sysvol, which can be ignored).
    Now you can check the volume name of each filesystem:
    cat /i-data/<some-hex-code>/.system/name_label
    If you have found your name_label, you can change it:
    echo "New volume name" >/i-data/<some-hex-code>/.system/name_label

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  • FilipOz
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    Thanks! I have looked around and found the name_label. I haven't changed it yet since some other things are still going on, but I'm pretty sure I'll be able to make it work when I get to it.
    Thanks again!
  • FilipOz
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    Worked like a charm!

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