License and Inventory not working for me

I have purchased 14 licences,  when I try to assign them,  firstly the UI is very confusing and secondly I assign a licence but the device does not show the licence as assigned, and the licence now says inactive.  What am I doing wrong?

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  • Zyxel_Melen
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    Hi @JustinbScanlon,

    Welcome to Zyxel community!
    The reason your license still inactive have two possible reason:
    1.Your organization is still in trial period.
    2.Your organization is still in base pack and you haven't upgrade your organization to Pro/Plus pack.

    You may check this topic first to know how to assign license and upgrade you organization to Pro Plus pack:
    nebula how to register your nebula license

    Or you can enable Zyxle support to let me help to check.
    Please go to Help > support request > Zyxel support to enable it.
    After you enable Zyxel support, may you also tell me your organization name so I will know which organization I should check.
  • Louis123
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    Did you have a fix on this issue? Challenging a relative issue yet no response from anyone and couldn't see this point taking a gander at in google.

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