Mesh doesnt work: 2 x NWA55AXE

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I have configured 2 NWA55AXE as access points. I have enabled smart mesh.
In the "Access points" monitor, it only ever shows an empty uplink AP. 
When I detach one of the devices from the lan, it loses connection. 
I dont see any way to debug/diagnose this issue in nebula.

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    Well this is even more frustrating. After waiting for ages, trying multiple times, and now posting this message it is working. How can I debug issues like this? It seems I can no longer log in to the device directly if im using nebula.
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    OK - this is just as frustrating. After powercycling the non-connected device, it never brings up the wifi. It seems it needs to be connected to a LAN in order to start up. RMA time.
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    Hi @rehashed

    Welcome to Zyxel Community

    Here is a smart mesh article for you to refer to.

    Please connect both APs on the wired cable and deploy them to the locations after the configuration is up to date. This way configure can confirm that it has been pushed from Nebula to Access Point.

    If your mesh still doesn’t work, please let two access points connect to the LAN.

    And please help us enable the "Invite Zyxel support as administrator" feature for us.

    You can find it on the path of Help -> Support request and enable it (please refer to the attachment) then we can check the configuration for you. 

    And please PM your org/site so that we can find you.




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