LTE7480-M804 loses connection and stays disconnected until next reboot

as per the title, my LTE7480-M804 has a SIM card with many GBs left and great connection.
It works very well for a couple of days, then it loses connection for some reason. The only way to get the connection back is to reboot the device!

I tried setting the automatic reboot on Sundays, but it's no use because the signal drops by Tuesday, and since it's at a remote location I cannot communicate with it until the next Sunday when it reboots.
If I am at the location I can just reboot it by hand, but I'm not always there and internet needs to keep working.

I understand that the signal might drop once in a while, but it should reconnect automatically without waiting for a reboot.

I updated to the latest firmware found here: but that didn't solve anything.

This is the last chance to save what is otherwise a good product. Either I find a solution here or I have to return it.

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  • Lolo
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    Hello Nicosemp,

    Do you have foud a solution as I have the same issue.

  • nicosemp
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    @Lolo not yet, I am waiting for an official reply hopefully. I'll wait another month to give them plenty of time to answer.
  • No way to solve this? The connection keeps dropping every 2-4 days.
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    I think your provider is the problem.....
    I already tried different SIM cards from different providers that use a separate infrastructure (not providers who rent the same 4G antennas), and the problem persists.
    Also, when the connection drops I just restart the router and it reconnects, so it can't be on the provider: it should reconnect without needing a reboot.

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