[Nebula] How to configure external captive portal for a SSID?

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This article shows you how to configure the login page from an external web portal instead of the one built into the NCC. There is an example customized captive portal page, and we can configure the look of the web portal page base on these html files. This article using XAMPP as the external webserver for example.




*: All configurations are used as examples in this article. Please replace them with your actual network configuration.

**: Click Start at Apache module

1/ Configure > Access point > Wifi SSID setting

Configure the SSID name and Enabled.

2/ Configure > Access point > SSID Advanced settings.

Choose the SSID and configure the settings.

Choose the Sign-in method with “Sign-on with Nebula cloud authentication”, or “My RADIUS server”, you can enter the IP/port/secret of that external RADIUS server. This article will use “Sign-on with Nebula cloud authentication” method.

3/ Configure > Access point > Captive portal customization > External captive portal URL

Download the customized captive portal page example and edit html files to your preferred theme style or create captive portal page by yourself.

4/ Copy the html files to the XAMPP web server at htdocs folder.

5/ Check the designed captive portal and redesign if needed, just use the URL in the browser as http://<server IP address>/<page name>

6/ Configure > Access point > Captive portal > External captive portal URL.

Enable Use URL and configure the web server URL here. It can be domain name or the URL above. If it is the domain name, ensure it can be resolved. example

7/ Configure > Site-wide > Cloud Authentication

Select type as User, click + Add

Fill in the user’s information, then click Create user.

Type Email, Username and Password

Choose Authorized as Yes and Login by as your requirement.


1/ Use a phone or PC to connect to the SSID > check the pop-up captive portal screen > enter user credential to authenticate > click Login

2/ Monitor > Access points > Event log

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