watchdog for Zyxel LTE5398-M904

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Hi there,

this modem experiences disconnections on random basis: the Internet is no longer available and shows the 4G connection is down (red cross on landing page of the router html server gui).

The only fix for this seems to be to reboot the device, there are several tickets in your forums showing this is not an isolated issue of mine, it's also a known issue within your support teams for what I understand.

There is a user who created a watchdog script to workaround this very issue, the idea I am submit is that you would implement that natively within the router in a future firmware upgrade.

for reference:

1) this is a user with apparently an issue almost identical to mine

2) this is a user who created a watchdog in the form of an expect script that needs to run on an external server and will expect-ssh into the router and force a reboot when network doesn't work:

Hoping Zyxtel can do something to help!

cc: @BruCom

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