LTE5388-M804 loses network after some time

I am using the LTE5388 in IP passthrough mode with all wifi radios turned off. It's connected to a pfsense router (I use it as the failover WAN connection).

Today I tested the failover. pfSense pings the LTE5388 modem and these pings are returned so pfSense thinks the connection is working. But no packets seem to enter the LTE5388 from the WAN.

I connect to the admin interface of the LTE5388. It says that connectivity is good. But when I use its diagnostic interface (under maintenance/diagnostic) to ping an IP address, no packets are returned.

I tried running its diagnostic speed test but of course it could not download the configuration file.

The uptime is 12 days.

I rebooted the LTE5388. Now everything is working perfectly.

I would like it to work more reliably than this as failover should not require any intervention such as rebooting. If it is some software instability I would like to help diagnose it. But perhaps it is some higher level issue, perhaps with the LTE connection (although this was not apparent in the interface anywhere).

My firmware is V1.00(ABSQ.4)C0

So my question has two parts:
a) is there any configuration I should check
b) if this happens again, what can I do to provide more information to diagnose the problem.


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    Hello @RobTheNetworkGuy

    Are you saying the Ping/Traceroute/NSLOOKUP diagnostic features under Maintenance->Diagnostic were unaccessible?
           - Shown in section 35.3 of the user guide available at 

    What do Cellular Info pages show please?

    To answer your questions, I think:
      a. Test Ping from within the web interface if possible.
      b. Cellular Info screen details I think.

    Kind regards,
  • The diagnostic *page* worked just fine. But the pings were not getting responses.

    I remember that the cellular information made the connection *look* healthy, but there may well have been a clue that something was wrong. Unfortunately I did not record the full contents of the pages before I just tried rebooting. If it happens again I will update here.

    Thanks for the answer; it does answer my question but there may be more to learn so my instinct is to not mark it as answered until we can get a more complete understanding.

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