LTE Module firmware for LTE5398-M904


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  • Also having a LTE5398 and trying to update module firmware …
    After entering the SN for the tech support on the campus zyxel site, I geht some infos about my device and some info about the query result. But there is no support form opening up to enter a request. How do you manage to contact the support?

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    I'm waiting for the Zyxel development staff, the publishing of the official v.12 on this page

    29 nov. 2023
    Zyxel has finally published the official v.12 update on that page

    now I have

    and this sound strange after reading that note:

    * Note (Modem Code File): The part highlighted in red R01A08 should match the current version and the new version. This
    typically takes around 20 minutes. DO NOT interrupt the process, and
    ensure a stable power supply throughout the update. Once completed, the
    system will automatically redirect to the login page. After the upgrade,
    verify the current firmware version

    • EG18EAPAR01A08M4G - Curent

    EG18EAPAR01A08M4G - R01A12M4G - New

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    I hope that the version 13 of the LTE module firmware will be released soon.

    Some other users have successfully updated the LTE module to v.13 of the firmware,
    using the update released by netgear for the LBR20 router.
    They said the issue of the router hanging up randomly when the ISP's DHCP server change the WAN IP was resolved by v.13.

    That issue is still present in official v.12 and i'm not happy to reboot the router at least once a day, every day.

    I am not very confident in recommending this router to my business clients, because it is not reliable for a work environment.

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    Last firmware and LTE module are available here:

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