Sync stops suddenly - DropBox Zyxel NAS542


I've got a Zyxel NAS542, and I want to transfer all NAS data to a DropBox account.

I'm able to set up the DropBoxClient app in the NAS, and the synchronization kicks off well (I monitor it using PuTTY with the command tail -f PATH/.dropbox.log file).

But, out of the blue, sync stops randomly and I see this message on PuTTY:

[DATE][INFO] Start to run ZyDropbox
[DATE][ERROR] Invalid access token

Seems authorization/validation token is missed at some point during the sync (don't know why), but when this happens sync stops…

Does anybody know how to solve this problem? I'm getting frustrated honestly after several attempts…


DropBoxClient version 10.10.0zypkg003

Firmware: V5.21(ABAG.11)

Thanks in advance,

Best regards

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