Site-wide Topology V17.30 Enhancement

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Enhanced User Experience

The user experience has been a focal point of this update. One of the most notable enhancements is the introduction of a new filter option that allows users to distinguish between online and offline clients. This feature ensures that administrators can quickly identify the status of each client, enhancing network monitoring and management efficiency.

Additionally, we have implemented the ability to display client MAC addresses directly on the topology map. This feature is particularly useful for identifying specific devices, including those that may use dynamic MAC addresses. This level of detail was previously unavailable and represents a significant step forward in providing comprehensive network insights at a glance.

Another user-centric improvement is the automatic re-centering of the topology map upon changing display options. This feature ensures that administrators maintain their bearings within large or complex network maps, improving navigation and saving valuable time.

New Functionalities and Detailed Insights

The Site-wide Topology enhancement goes beyond user experience improvements by adding detailed insights into network devices:

  • POE Power Budget for Switches: Under the general tab for switches, administrators can now view the POE power budget. This addition is crucial for managing power distribution efficiently and planning for future expansions or adjustments.
  • Management IP and VLAN Configuration: A new tab for settings has been introduced, allowing for the configuration of the management IP and VLAN for switches. This feature simplifies the process of switch management and enhances network security and segmentation.
  • WAN Usage Graph for Security Appliances: For security appliances, including SCR, ATP, and USG Flex, a WAN usage graph is now available under the general tab. This graph provides immediate insights into WAN traffic, enabling administrators to monitor and manage bandwidth usage effectively.

Comprehensive Device Detail Window

The device detail window has been significantly expanded to offer a more in-depth look at the devices within the network. This includes mobile routers, firewalls, security routers, switches, access points, and clients. New indicators distinguish features that were present before version 17.30 and those introduced with this update, offering a clear overview of the available functionalities.