Understanding Wi-Fi Performance Influencers and Benefits of Wireless Health

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Several factors can affect your wireless network performance. Understanding these factors can help you optimize your Wi-Fi for better connectivity and performance. This article will explore the key factors affecting Wi-Fi performance and introduce how the Nebula solutions can help optimize your wireless network, ensuring better connectivity and performance.

Distance: The range of Wi-Fi signal is determined by the AP's capabilities, such as the number of antennas and output power. The wireless client’s antenna has limited TX/RX ability than AP so the transmit power of the AP should be set to match that of the least-capable device in the network to avoid connection problem.

Obstructions: Physical obstructions such as walls, floors, and furniture can block or weaken Wi-Fi signals. The 5GHz band is more prone to attenuation than the 2.4GHz band due to its higher frequency and shorter wavelength.

Interference: Nearby electronic devices like microwaves, cordless phones, and other Wi-Fi networks can interfere with radio 2.4GHz signal. Wi-Fi signals can also interfere with each other when using the same channel. The 2.4GHz band has 13 channels available, with only 3 non-overlapping channels. The 5GHz band has up to 25 non-overlapping channels, but many wireless devices tend to utilize Band 1 of the 5GHz spectrum. Additionally, radar signals near airports or military bases may influence the 5GHz band.

Benefits of Wireless Health

Nebula helps user to optimize the wireless network by enabling auto optimization actions if wireless health has reaches the threshold.

Understanding the factors that can lead to Wi-Fi problems and leveraging the Wireless Health feature can significantly improve your network’s performance. By monitoring your network in real-time and following optimization recommendations, you can ensure a robust and reliable wireless experience.