Using MSP Features to Ease Network Management of Multiple Customer Organizations

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Managed Service Providers (MSPs) need to manage networks of multiple customer organizations. Having anything integrated and the ability to customize the content in one single dashboard is essential to increase the ease of management and branding for MSPs. This article outlines some of the important tools and features available in NCC and Nebula Pro Pack for facilitating an easy management of multiple organizations, as well as allowing branding customization, as a MSP.

Note: It needs MSP license to unlock the MSP function now! To register MSP Pack license, please go to My devices & service > Services and register the license key.


The MSP function provides a set of tools to help on the management of multiple organizations that you have access or own. These tools are:

  • MSP portal: quick glance of the customers’ organizations to which the MSPs account has access (own, full or read-only), showing each organization’s health, license and device status.
  • License transfer: tool that allows MSPs to allocate NCC PRO Pack and NSS Pack license points between the customer organizations to which the account is Owner. (Temporarily unavailable now, coming soon!)
  • MSP branding: this section allows MSP to promote their brand by customizing the Nebula Control Center dashboard for their customers:
    • Dashboard logo: add the MSP’s branding logo to the NCC, so other administrators that have access to the organizations will see this logo instead of Nebula’s default one.
  • Support contact: ability to add MSP’s support contact information to the NCC Support Request page, so other admins that have access to the organizations will see this information. Additionally, the default Zyxel support can be hidden for all admins except Org-Owner and Org-Full, in this way MSP staff can still open request to Zyxel.

Note that these customizations will only apply to PRO Pack organizations to which the MSP account is Owner.

Organization access

The Nebula control center also provides a set of options to let the MSPs set who can access their organizations and what they can do. These tools are:

  • Administrator privileges: NCC allows MSPs (Org-owner) to add more accounts as administrators of the organization, defining what kind of privileges these admins need based on their role. Privileges can be assigned on per-site basis, or simply allow Full access to all the organization.

Nebula PRO Pack allows to add as many administrator accounts as needed, while the Nebula Base Pack (free) is limited to only 5 activated accounts at a time. This might be an important factor for MSPs, as providing access to staff and customer accounts might involve exceeding the limitation.

  • Login IP ranges: this PRO feature allows MSPs to restrict the access of their organizations to specified ranges of public IP addresses, ensuring that only the right location has access to their networks.

Network level tools

Each Organization can include multiple Sites (networks) that can represent different locations for the same customer. Nebula Control Center provides tools to ease the management for multiple sites, monitor the health of all sites under one organization, send daily/weekly/monthly network reports to customers with the MSP logo attached to it, and more useful tools that help MSPs to get a better control and customization of their customers’ networks.