NSA325v2 not working after firmware upgrade

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[email protected],

I'm running the NSA325v2 and did an firmware upgrade to the latest version V4.81(AALS.1). After that, the NAS was not really responding. The webinterface was accessable but no login possible. I was not able to connect via FTP or network share.

I did some research and used the trick to reset the configuration. As it should not affect the storage and data itself, I just did it.

After that it looked promising. Login via webinterface worked as well as the network share. The status screen showed my internal volume. I'm using a RAID1 with two 3 TB drives:

But, in fact, there is no data. Only one picture and two videos are accessable via FTP, network share, webinterface browser. WTF????!!

I resetted again and tried to downgrade to V4.80(AALS.1), all to no avail.

Any suggestions?




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