How to delete an old system from zyxel cloud?

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Hi, I had to replace my multy x system. So I got a new system and logged in with my new system to my existing zyxel account. Now I have two systems in my account. I tried to delete the old one, but this seems just to reset all datas of the old system. The entry by itself of the old system remains in the app. How to delete it totally from account?


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    In order to provide you with a better assistance, we have contacted you via private message to get the information. Please kindly check your message box. Thanks.

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    Hi Cappucco,
    Is there any screenshot about your problem?
    Maybe you can refer my screenshots as below.

  • Cappucco
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    Hi, I do it exactly like you show it in your screenshot. At the end I confirm the delete. After that nothing happens, just the known rotaring android circle. I did try it with two devices and with a fresh install of the app. Always the same. The old system is not deleted...
  • Cappucco
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    Now I tried it with my business iphone. Deleting of my old Multy doesn´t work. Furthermore it seems that the configuration can not transferred to a new account because the system datas are only stored online?? This is a nogo!
    What, if my internet is out of order for any reason? In this case I can not edit my local configuration of multy x???
    I can´t believe it.
  • Cappucco
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    Thanks for your support,
    now my account is looking good :)

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