New NAS and findme does not work

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Just connected a new NAS540 with two WD Reds 4TB each in slots 1 and 2. Problems is the is not finding my NAS. I start the search then press the copy button and nothing is found. Everything seem to be working, powered on, connected to a router with flashing lights, lights are on showing the two drives along with the connected symbol. Installed the ZyXel tool and it seems I can configure but that is it. The option to run the initialization wizard brings up a browser and then fails. Anyone run into this problem?


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    Seems, that your Nas did not get IP Address from your Router. Maybe you powered on, before that. So the Nas gives itself an IP by own.
    So first check in your Router menue, if there is your Nas present and if there is DHCP-Server enabled. If not, pls. enable.
    Then check on the back of your Nas. There should be a small hole for reset.
    Use a paper clamb for it: while pressing, you will hear a beep. Continue. 2 beeps. Continue 5 more seconds. All settings ( e.g. wrong IP) will be erased. Use again Nas-seeker.

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